Complaints Procedure

1. Introduction

1.1 Scope – This procedure includes all products and services provided by Cornhill WIndows and Conservatories directly or indirectly through contractors appointed by Cornhill to carry out a service for them.

1.2 Application – It applies to all managers and employees of Cornhill and its appointed installers.

1.3 Cornhill procedure is intended to override all external complaints procedure. This includes notification and investigation processes used by any qualification awarding body.

1.4 It is not intended to preclude such bodies (ie GGF) from becoming involved in exchanges of correspondence or verbal discussion where such action is considered by Cornhill to be materially relevant to any investigation into a complaint and its outcome.

1.5 Publication – This procedure will be published on Cornhill’s website and is available at its Maidstone head office. It will also be available at any of Cornhill’s showrooms.

1.6 The Cornhill Complaints Procedure is a distinct, but integral part of our Customer Care Policy.

1.7 This Complaints Procedure sets out the stages and timescales involved in handling any complaint.

2. Aim

2.1 The procedure seeks to create a positive approach to complaints. Cornhill like to view them as a valued means to continuously review our products and service offered. This includes all products and services offered by Cornhill and any appointed contractors.

2.2 Cornhill continues to be committed to providing a service commensurate with over 20 years experience in the home improvements industry above and beyond the requirements of the agencies we are members of.

3. Objectives

3.1 Provision of an effective means for customers to comment if they are in any way dissatisfied.

3.2 All complaints to be dealt with in an efficient and courteous manner.

3.3 To maintain records of complaints made so that regular reviews can be produced for internal monitoring and effecting of services and products.

3.4 A clearly defined procedure to enable any customer to feel confident in making a complaint and the way that Cornhill will deal with it.

3.5 Customer Service Administrators have responsibility to ensure complaints are dealt with promptly, efficiently and in a positive manner.

3.6 Customer Service Manager over-seeing the continued development of staff and ensuring continued improvements in the Service we offer our customers. This includes reporting to colleagues at monthly meetings and reporting any areas of concern to members of The Board for discussion and approval of any suggested improvements.

3.7 The overall benefits of our complaints procedure are:

  • Clear instruction as to how to make a complaint
  • What will happen on receipt of a complaint
  • What Cornhill’s valued customers can expect to happen as a result of a complaint
  • What they should do if they are not happy with Cornhill’s response.

4. Definition

4.1 For the purpose of this procedure a complaint is defined as:

An expression of dissatisfaction by one or more of Cornhill’s customers about a lack of action on the part of Cornhill’s employees or subcontractors, or about the standard of product or service they have received from Cornhill or its contractors.

4.2 It is for the customer to decide whether they are expressing dissatisfaction or not. If they are this is classified as a complaint. Some important things to remember are: Reporting a fault or a problem is not necessarily a complaint. This would be considered a request for service. We have a separate procedure for this.

An example of such a fault would be an opening sash on a window not closing correctly. It is understood that in most cases a customer will accept that through use a fault can occur which their guarantee will cover.

4.3 Complaints can be made to Cornhill using various methods available to them dependant on preference and circumstance. Complaints can be made in writing via e-mail, fax or letter or a visit to Cornhill’s Head Office in Maidstone.

5. Who can complain

5.1 For the purpose of this procedure a Customer is a Direct Retail Customer of Cornhill or a Developer, Social or Private Landlord. A unique contract reference is issued to Cornhill’s customers on confirmation of their contract and should be quoted in all communications (A person who is in receipt of our product or services via a Social or Private Landlord or developer should report any fault or complaint through them using their own complaints procedure).

5.2 Any customer or someone acting with their authority can use this complaints procedure.

5.3 Anonymous complaints received by any means mentioned in this procedure will be acted upon at the discretion of Cornhill’s Managers with Directors approval.

5.4 A member of the public who has been directly or indirectly affected by the actions or lack of action by a Cornhill Employee, or Appointed Contractor.

6. Equal Opportunities

All complaints are dealt with equality in line with our equal opportunities policy available on request from our Head Office.

7. Consumer Rights

Our Complaints procedure does not affect a customers statutory rights as a consumer.

8. How To Complain

8.1 A customer or their representative (with their specific authority) wishing to make a complaint can do so in person or in writing, (by e-mail, letter or fax). Wherever possible a customer should address it to the department the complaint is in reference to or our Customer Service Manager. Our Chairman, Managing Director, or any other member of the Board will acknowledge and ensure complaints addressed to them are dealt with using the same procedure.

8.2 A customer who wishes to complain in person can do this by reporting to reception at Cornhill’s Head Office in Maidstone. Wherever possible an immediate informal investigation will be made. The complainant is not guaranteed an interview with any Board Member or Customer Service Manager on their initial visit.

8.3 A complaint can be made in writing by letter, fax or e-mail to our Head Office in Maidstone.

8.4 A member of the public who wishes to make a complaint about any action or lack there of by Britelite, its employees or contractors should follow the same procedure 8.1-8.4.

9. How Complaints are Handled

9.1 Receipt and acknowledgement of complaints (Stage 1 - Informal):

Complaints received by any of the methods under subheading 8 will be acknowledged in writing within 5 working days. This acknowledgement will include information as which department or employee will be dealing with the complaint. This is Stage 1.

All complaints are recorded and where possible a digital copy attached to our company database on the customers unique record. Complaints received from a member of the public is kept and reviewed using a system of internal form updating progress with the complaint.

An attempt will be made to deal with complaints at this stage, coming to a quick, informal and mutually agreeable resolution by an appropriate manager or employee within the department concerned.

9.2 Stage 2 – Formal Investigation

If a complaint has not been resolved or the complainant is still dissatisfied following Stage 1 it will be investigated formally.

The Customer Service Manager will make further investigations with the department involved and will aim to acknowledge this in writing within a further 5 working days. The aim wherever possible is for a resolution and/or full response in writing within 10 working days from the previous communication.

Further verbal and written communications may follow the afore mentioned 10 day period including possible site visits by appropriate managers until a mutually satisfactory resolution is reached. Records will be kept at all times during this stage on/in the customers unique customer records.

The complainant may appeal the Customer Service Manager's decision to the Chairman; only if matters of fact have been wrongly interpreted or the feel the resolution is unjust.

9.3 Stage 3 - Ensuring Resolution

If the complainant still remains dissatisfied following Stage 2 Cornhill may look to involve the GGF's conciliation service. This is a free service provided to members and it's customers. In the event we chose to move in this direction the results and communications and any records of appointments etc between the complainant and Cornhill will be forwarded to the GGF so that they are made fully aware of the history of said complaint.

GGF will advise Cornhill and the complainant independently but co-ordinate to ensure that a complaint is satisfied with a mutually agreeable resolution.