Help with home improvements - get a home or energy grant

If you have been thinking about making some home improvements - be it a new conservatory to enjoy the last of the summer in, or new energy-efficient double glazing - you may be in line for a home or energy grant.

These grants can part-finance the cost of many home improvements and are nearly always free.

Grants are divided into two main categories: energy and home improvements. If you are looking to reduce your household's carbon emissions, the best place to start your search is the Government's Energy Saving Trust (EST) as it lists most of the grants in your area. People looking to lower the cost of building work on their property can also find help by searching for home improvement grants.

As with all of the world's best-kept secrets, you just need to know where to look for these grants. Money saving expert Martin Lewis explains how there's hundreds of millions of pounds of 'free cash available to help your home's energy efficiency'.

Cornhill Conservatories offer a wide range of products for both home improvements and energy efficiency. We fit A-rated windows as standard, which not only improve the look of your property but can reduce heating bills by hundreds of pounds a year.

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