Keep your house safe and secure this summer

Over the next two months, thousands of families will be heading off on their summer holidays. Keeping your house secure when leaving it vacant for a prolonged amount of time is of utmost importance.

Contents insurance will pay compensation, but nothing can pay for the stress it causes, or replace the personal items you might have lost as a result of burglary.

Modern double glazing windows and doors can make your home less susceptible to theft. Statistics state that about 80% of burglaries are committed by the perpetrator breaking a window or door.

Engineered, steel-reinforced frames with complex multi-point locking mechanisms make it almost impossible to enter your home. Internally beaded windows further strengthen your home's security as the glass is installed from the inside too.

There are of course numerous methods of keeping your house safe while you are away this summer. Cancel the milk and bread; use timer plugs to activate lights in the evening; invite a friend or family member to check in on your house - all of these examples will make the place look occupied, leaving you free to enjoy your holiday.

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