Cornhill Bespoke and UPVC Conservatories

With a little thought and planning, a Cornhill conservatory can transform your home.

Cornhill install a fantastic range of conservatories across Surrey and Middlesex to suit all tastes, homes and gardens:

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Cornhill Sun-Lounge Conservatories

The Sun Lounge Conservatory is always popular, both as glass to ground and dwarf wall styles. A surprisingly affordable way to extend your home and blend your living area into your garden, Cornhill can provide you with a variety of comfort options for your Sun-Lounge conservatory, such as ridge ventilation, roof vents and special heat-reducing roofing materials.

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Cornhill Victorian Conservatories

The classical design of a Cornhill Victorian Conservatory enhances virtually any style of property. The steeply pitched roof gives an increased feeling of space, allowing maximum light into your Victorian conservatory, regardless of the season.

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Cornhill Edwardian Conservatories

The beauty of a Cornhill Edwardian Conservatory is that with its sophisticated high pitched roof design, it provides maximum possible floor space for your home. Bringing the outside in, and increasing the flow of natural light, an Edwardian Conservatory is an attractive extension to your property.

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Cornhill Combination Conservatories

The unique design of a Combination Conservatory is tailored exactly to your needs – perhaps you might like to combine a Victorian conservatory with a Sun-Lounge conservatory or perhaps put two Edwardian conservatories together! With the extra space available, you can use your Cornhill conservatory for dual purposes, such as a sitting area, a play room, or to house a luxurious swimming pool!

6 things you should consider when choosing your perfect Cornhill conservatory

1. What will you use your Cornhill conservatory for?

If you know in advance what you will be using your conservatory for, you can better plan the most appropriate layout and size, particularly if you need space for particular pieces of furniture, such as a piano or gym equipment.

2. Which material finish should you use?

Not only will you need to select the design of conservatory for your house, you can also choose the finish. Cornhill conservatories are available in Light Oak and Rosewood wood grain UPVc’s as well as traditional white.

3. What are your conservatory glazing options?

Discuss with the Cornhill representative all the conservatory window and glazing choices available to you, we offer all the latest options including Pilkingtons "Activ" self-cleaning glass and the latest solar control glass to enable you to enjoy a temperate atmosphere in your conservatory all year round.

4. Where will you position your conservatory?

The position of your conservatory will affect how you use it. For instance, a south facing conservatory will receive the most sun, so may require extra ventilation, whereas a north-facing conservatory is more appropriate as a playroom or sitting room than a sun lounge. An east facing conservatory will get the most morning sunshine; a west facing conservatory is better suited to evening relaxation.

5. How large should your conservatory be?

Larger isn't necessarily better! As with all extensions, you need to balance the extra interior space you’re creating with the reduction in your garden space to ensure that neither feels cramped or dwarfed.

6. Will you need Planning Permission for your conservatory?

Although you rarely require Planning Permission for a domestic conservatory in England and Wales, we will advise you on the necessary actions that may need to be taken if, for instance, your home is a listed building.

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